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Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors live Stream On Tv Channel. The Rockets made some slight adjustments on the offensive end that helped them even the Western finals. After working all year to grab homecourt advantage throughout the NBA playoffs, the Rockets lost that right to the Golden State Warriors in a span of 48 minutes.any as 29, and coasted to a 127-105 victory. So, understandably, the question that gets asked is, how did they do it? How did the Rockets manage to turn a 13-point loss in Game 1 into a 22-point win in Game 2.One of the big talking points from Game 1 was Houston’s isolation offense.

Despite the tremendous success the Rockets have had playing a lot of iso-ball — they finished with the No. 2 offense in the regular season — there were questions about whether continuing to go so heavy with that style would be a good strategy moving forward in the series. Even some of Houston’s own role players questioned the offensive style.

And then there were those who argued the offense was mostly fine, but the real problem was the defense.The one thing everyone was in agreement about is that the Rockets would need to make some adjustments for Game 2. And they certainly did, as you could tell by just looking at the score. But let’s take a closer look at just exactly how the Rockets turned things around, and what lessons they can take from that moving forward.

HOUSTON — The Warriors laid an egg in Game 2 of their Western Conference Finals showdown with the Houston Rockets Wednesday, and we now have a series. A lot went wrong for Golden State in Game 2 — the final score, 127-105 tells that story — but not most, if not all of it, is correctable. These five suggestions aren’t a comprehensive list, but if the Warriors can make these changes, there’s plenty of reason to think that Game 3 will look a lot more like Game 1 than Game 2, so feel free to steal them, Steve.

The Warriors were the clearly superior team in Game 1 and it remains to be seen if a dialed-in Dubs squad is even capable of losing a single game. We can bash this team all we want and call KD a snake (because he is), but this is the greatest team of all-time.

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